Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Some new spins, a few words:

No Doctors Hunting Season CD (GoJohnnyGo). The smokestack deathblues lightning. The first No Doctors album was good, but this is realllllyyy darn good! Like the choicest cuts from a rummage through a trashbin behind a Big Jack's Chicken Trough: stumbling, drunk-as-shit stomp rhythms, feral acid leads, stabbing sax trills, and an insatiable appetite for aural desecration all compacted into one very tasty boogy fondu, though most sane people will hate it.

Nurse With Wound Angry Electric Finger (Spitch Cock One) CD (United Dairies). Billed as a sampler of the upcoming boxset, one track is just NWW, the other three are remixes by Cyclobe, irr. app. (ext.) and Jim O'Rourke. Stapleton's track sounds like massive rubberbands or bass strings being stretched, twisted, snapped back into shape and contorted again. Cavernous effects make it all a lot weirder though in a been-drinking-from-the-cosmic-gutter-too-long sort of way. The irr. app. (ext.) track sticks out the soonest, a low moving fogbank of damaged electronics, primitive noisemakers and trippy children's voice samples. Despite the different mixers on each track, there's cohesion to the whole thing.

Davis Redford Triad Blue Cloud CD (Holy Mountain). Choice recent studio work from Steven Wray Lobdell and friends. Gotta give props to his pointed dissection of post 9/11 America in "Violent Stupid Friend," but most of the way this breaks atmospheric barriers and sets course for the nearest supernova.

The Black-Eyed SnakesRise Up CD (Chairkickers). Al Sparhawk aka "Chicken-Bone" George and company back up to their old post punk psych garage blues tricks. Incredibly smokelicious from start to finish. Loved the debut, love this even more--Swans cover, Bo Diddly homage, an incredible combination of grunge grooves and ferocious road house jamming. My kind of garage noise scum.

Oneida Secret Wars CD (Jagjaguwar). I've praised these lads in the past, perhaps over-praised, but this is without a doubt their best record. Short, compact and utterly infectious synth space punk drawing from Detroit rock city, New York new/no wave, krautrock and even Crazy Horse styled guitar battles. It's a solid knockout from start to finish, whether skating along the jittery synth punk ice or blasting things apart with atonal heavy metal thunder.

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