Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Apologies, dear readers (reader?). I've been a busy lad, doing what, I can't exactly say right now. Damn short-term memory loss. Made it down to Austin last week and caught Einsturzende Neubauten in concert. If you're a fan (or not), you should try to go if the chance arises. They're really at the top of their game these days, even selling live versions of the show (which are processed and ready to go 15 mins after show end), very worth owning for far more than sentimental reasons. The version of "Perpetuum Mobile" was better than the one on the album, mainly thinks to Blixa's radio manipulations at the beginning. The band looked great, sounded incredible ("...sort of like Stomp or Blast, but cool!"), and Blixa owned from beginning to end. What an immensely charismatic front man.

Folks in and around Austin, 33 Degrees' going out of business sale is still going strong - everything in the store is now slashed down to %40 off! Still have tons of new Sun Ra on vinyl, and at least one Musica Transonic CD (I put it back)...While there last week, I got more than my share of goodies, including Bert Jansch's Jack Orion on heavy vinyl, the Black Dice/Wolf Eyes split LP, a Tom Carter/Scorces split CD, Beats for the Beast, the Le Jazz Non compilation and Jack Rose's new CD on VHF.

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