Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Hell-O-Ween, Guys 'n' Ghouls. Someday I'll post some new reviewage here. Someday...and on such an occasion I may (or may not) expand on how much I love the new Angels of Light, Castanets, the reissue of Michael Yonkers' brilliantly stupified lost album, Grimwood, the new Wooden Shjips on Holy Mountain and on and on and on into the cosmic void.

But for now, if you're near a PC and looking for some complimentory spookified sounds this dark night, look no further than the always excellent (Lee is)Free 103.9, which will feature lots of spooky Halloween broadcastings, including resident DJ/magician Tom Roe's third annual remix of Orson Welles' War of the Worlds. FUCKING A! That shit was pretty scary in its original form, so remixed? Fahggitaboutit! That's about it for now, gang. Be safe out there tonight, and watch for them wee ghosts 'n' goblins when out doing your own grim reaping. Much Satanic love and grim tidings to all.