Wednesday, May 04, 2005

So my skull got a little warped last night...

Thanks to Mr. Bacon for the visual aid. If you've never smoked hashish and gotten lost amid the resonating overtones of Mirror's "Under The Sun," try it one day. I then found myself spinning Excepter's "Ka" repeatedly and being completely charmed by its thumping dub-space industrial disco hoe-downs. I also made spiritual love with my best friend. Can't think of a better way to remove one's self from the enclosed tentacles of the society dragon than to reassign the most fundamental meanings, values, artistic statements of any given civilization. That's how it felt last night.

A different friend informed me recently that a unit in her apartment complex was burning down, and given that I've had various friends almost die in apartment fires over the last few years, I felt some sort of protest folk poem was necessary.

"Apartment Livin'"

Apartment livin',
It's your life that you're givin'.
Renting to owe,
Never be on your own.
All alone in a manmade honeycomb of drones.

Apartment livin',
It's your favorite misgivin'.
Chewing the bone, you hear your neighbors groan.
No green fields to roam, never have your own home...
Without a low finance loan.

Apartment livin',
Look at it this way:
You just might own it all one day...
And then when you do...
The landlord is you,
And still nothing gets fixed.
Either way you're still dicked.

Go ahead light that fire...
When you're apartment livin'.
Renting to drown. Goin up, goin' down,
It's bad on the knees.
Can't get no relief.
It's your soul that you're givin'...
When you're apartment livin'.

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