Monday, May 16, 2005

The Music Field Lovers Companion Festival is the event of the season, not to mention the first official live Jandek performance. The show at Instal last year actually featured a representative from Corwood Industries. Corwood will be releasing a live album of that show soon. Another once in a lifetime proposition arrives imminently:

Friday 20 May:

Keiji Haino: ‘The Secret of Music’ [a special 4 hour solo set using more than 40 instruments]

Saturday 21 May:

Vibracathedral Orchestra
My Cat Is An Alien
Kazuo Imai
Luc Ferrari & eRikm: “Les ProtoRythmiques”
Takehisa Kosugi

Sunday 22nd May:

Shuji Inaba
Kyoaku No Intention [Munehiro Narita/ Shoji Hano]

I wish I could be there, but going to be watching Six Organs of Admittance and The Blithe Sons under a cathedral of sequoias. Check it:

May 20 & 21 Folk Yeah Weekend Mini Festival at Fernwood:

Friday, May 20th:

Six Organs of Admittance
The Blithe Sons
Sean Smith

Saturday, May 21:
Little Wings
Peggy Honeywell

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