Thursday, May 12, 2005

A few quick notes:

Angels of Light/Akron Family gig went off without a hitch 2 nights ago in Big D. Akrons totally smoke live, like a barnyard Zeppelin crossed with the Band (dynamite 4 part harmonies way up in front). The heaviness was a welcome surprise, and they manage to recreate the depth of the studio album easily enough. A few shimmering crescendos, hilarious banter, spontaneous bird song, sheer joy and boundless energy unleashed excessively. They came off sort of like the shadow band that actually played all of the Monkees material... At least that's how Gira described them at one point, and it works.

This incarnation of the Angels of Light (with the 4 Akrons backing Gira) is just about the best one yet. The older songs had a more noticeable twang. The loud parts were louder. At one point Gira stood strumming his black acoustic bent over and shook his ass as he spanked himself repeatedly. No lie. They played a Dylan cover--"I Pity the Poor Immigrant"--and one seriously heavy trance/blues number that'll be released on their upcoming split album which will be recorded after the European tour. Those on the East Coast and Over There really oughtta take advantage of this singular live experience. Still some dates to see yet... Click 'news' for more info here:

Love ya'll....

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