Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Thank You Thank You Thank You

I've been laid up in bed for the last few days with one of those awful Spring head colds. The Nmperign/Lescalleet, Shawn David McMillen, Zanzibar Snails show was a resounding success by any measure of the word, especially for a Dallas area concert. Thanks to EVERYONE who lent their services, equipment, came out, bought merch and anything else. You know who you are. Bhob Rainey, Greg Kelley and Jason Lescalleet were total gentlemen and great players who brought the goods and rolled with the punches. Shawn David McMillen and company played a barn-burning set of smoke and fire (glad the bass amp worked, Josh!) including an excellent down home version of COB's "Spirit of Love" that practically had me in tears. It was just in time. Zanzibar Snails tore the fabric of reality with their electronic whoosh and skree. Thanks to Travis for driving. Thanks to the OC3 for providing the perfect venue.

I recorded the whole night on video, as did fellow attendee Greg D. on audio. I'll try to get some choice cuts uploaded to Youtube in the next few days. I still have a few of Nevada Hill's original posters available for sale. If anyone wants one, leave a comment and I'll get in touch. Below is just the prototype, not the exact final design. They're big and beautiful.

Wish I could do SXSW this year, but there's too much going on right now, and I'm too broke. Lemmy rocks! More to come soon. This is completely insane. One Love, ya'll.

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