Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Who finds the time, right? Blast you Internet and all your infinite data retrieval possibilities. I guess one just need manage his time a bit more wisely these days, eh?

Here are some Rolling Stones Live Boots from '71 - '73 posted last Summer by our old friend Evan at The Real Nitty Gritty, where, clearly, it is all happening. They soundboard quality -- Mick, Keef, Mick, Bill and Charlie keepin' it loud and tight with a little help from their friends. There's even a cpl Texas gigs up there. Sweet.

Tokyo Flashback Vol.'s 1 -7 and more were posted a while back over at We Have No Zen and they're still good. In the early to mid '90s, long before the age of Rapidshare and Informational Social Networking, such albums were more whispered about than heard, and now they lie in wait, ready for your perusal. Secret sonic history at your anxious fingertips. Buy 'em if you like 'em.


Kelly said...

Dig the new look!

L said...

Thanks Kell.