Sunday, January 02, 2011

Sun Circle Lessness (Arbor) 2LP

Sun Circle is the duo of Greg Davis and Zach Wallis. Their work under the Sun Circle name is steeped in the minimalism of the New York loft scene of the 60s and more recently Pelt and Davis's own solo work. The results are ultra stripped down one note sidelong workouts, each named for the instrument employed -- Opener "Drums," two tracks called "Tambouras" and closer "Gongs." As expected, the tambouras offer the most density -- 1 a monstrous one note raga trance, 2 offering a tad more variation with similarly hypnotic results. The closing "Gongs" offers perhaps a more solemn kind of hypnosis across nearly 15 mins of deep inner/outer space mind probing. Ideal for meditation and staring at fixed objects continuously. Sun Cicle - putting the New back in New Age.


Mr.K said...

i've had terrible luck finding this album.

L said...

Oh um. I ordered it hmmm. Ah yes, Greg Davis's site here: but he's likely sold out by now.