Sunday, June 07, 2009

Just when you thought shit couldn't get any weirder, something like this happens. I love you, Bruno! I'd also like to wish Bret Michaels all the best, but then he has gotten up from harder falls, hasn't he?

Had a groovy old time this past week, catching Sir Richard Bishop and his fabulous Freak of Araby Ensemble out at Rubber Gloves in Denton with help from great local big band guitar groaners Violent Squid and the blistering percussion/guitar/voice onslaught of the mighty Oaxacan, also serving double duty as Bishop's backing band, The Freak of Araby Ensemble! Was also a pleasure to finally meet and drink with one Kelly Burnette, after having conversed with him via email, Facebook and other e-means over the last 5 or 6 years. Two cool clips of a longer piece from later in the Bishop gig:

...and here are a few more clips I've loaded up to the Youtube channel in recent weeks, including...
Metal Rouge at The Firehouse
Anvil Salute also at The Firehouse
The Renderers at End of an Ear/SXSW


Drew said...

Bro, I'm not the drone connoisseur that you are but I couldn't read this blog and not comment on Bret Michaels. He's a douche and Poison sucks. Fuck him. He got what he deserved pulling an Eminem and waving to the crowd like the peice of shit white trash he is. I know you're a "Metal Guru" (Thank you, Marc Bolan) and there is an unwritten rule about standing up for every other metal head out there but for the love of music with a not say you love Bret Michaels. I wish he'd have broken his tail bone but I wish that the director wouldn't have cut away so quickly even more. I mean, they could have at the very least let the TV audience see his ass hit the ground first. Jeeze! This world is messed up, man.

Lee said...

hehehe. I love Brett Michaels. Great actor!

Lee said...

this comment still makes me laugh.