Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Big ups to the bros in Yells at Eels and Dave Dove and his trio--including Jason Jackson on sax and Sonia Flores on jazz vocal--for bringing a joyful noise to the Fireside Gallery in Ft. Worth this past Sunday. Really hope shows like this become a regular occurrence in the art space, as it seems to have genuine potential for bringing together "avant-gardistas" throughout the DFWD area triangle for some truly interesting night flights in the coming weeks/months. This was my first time at the space, and the sights and sounds were warm and inviting to say the least. Also hope the above quintet (they played a super-combo-jam after the trio sets) comes together again some day soon. I'll be going back May 15th to see Norman, OK's Anvil Salute and some local yokels.

My Bloody Valentine and Lift to Experience (first gig in 8 years?) tonight at the Palladium Ballroom in Dallas. MBV's North Texas debut, in fact. I promise to bring my special earplugs.

Another cool thing... Dallas Cinemania looks to be on top of their game this Thursday (tomorrow):

Just a reminder about this week's screening, Marlon Brando's directorial debut (and the only film the actor helmed) 1961's ONE-EYED JACKS. We've sourced an IB Tech 35mm print of this baby and we promise it's gonna be special.

When we first started making the short list for films we wanted to show on the big screen, OEJ was at the top. I personally couldn't believe our luck when we landed this one. It's suffered in the public domain due to it's sketchy legal status. Most of the $1.99 DVDs you can find of this are sourced from a decade plus old Paramount laserdisc and they're rather underwhelming to say the least. We've got some indications that a new HD version might be making the rounds soon -- no promises -- but this will probably be the very last time you'll get to see it on the big screen. Come out to the Angelika Film Center and witness history -- Thurs, April 23rd. DJ Mr. Rid kicks things off around 7:30pm. Tickets are $10 at the door.

And a fond farewell to J.G. Ballard, the great science fiction author of such classics as The Drowned World, Crash and Empire of the Sun.

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