Friday, July 18, 2008

Okay, I definitely like The Dark Knight, even love it. Heavy shit for Summer popcorn escapism, and it honors the "reality" of this discombobulated, morally ambiguous, conspiracy paranoid world we live in today more truthfully than any movie of its ilk that I've come across. Go baked. Take someone ya love (who also really likes allegorical/philosophical superhero mumbo-jumbo).

Also notable, the mountain of upcoming trailers that precede it, including a new Terminator flick, again starring Christian Bale (big whoop), Frank Miller's The Spirit (curious) and most compelling of all, Watchmen. I suppose Zack Snyder has subtly improved with each film he's made. I love how 300 looks, but all that bullet-time sort of ruins it for me. Guys a technical master; let's just hope he can capture the right tone for Watchmen, which should approximate a cynicism as caustic as anything in The Dark Knight. We'll see in 2009.

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