Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hey, everybody! I'm sure I'll pick up on writing something here someday. Just the other day on the way home from a Kool Keith concert, I had this GREAT IDEA for a blog subject, but promptly passed out upon arriving--lost forever. I also could say Awesome Color is Awesome! But you probably knew that... or that The North Sea's "Summer Decays Into October's Alchemy" (Foxglove) is a brilliant ethnic trance drone symphony for the soul, but you probably knew that too. I could say that The Proposition is now on DVD, and you all need to rush out and buy a copy, but you probably knew that too. Could also say the end is very fucking nigh, again...See above. We know. One good thing: How I do love the Fall.

Something kind of tragic happened today. And I want to comment on it here because it bums me out and fills me with rage and makes me think A) The Dallas Police are still assholes and B) The mainstream media are money hungry chumps whose concern for the real facts is the last thing on their minds. Terrell Owens, the noted Dallas Cowboys wide receiver with a history of problems (none chemically related), had an adverse reaction to some painkillers and health supplements last night, which was very possible given he was recovering from surgery seven days before and in pain. The story leaked almost instantly that it was a suicide attempt. It was not a suicide attempt. His career has likely been incalculably damaged as a result. Now I'm not a big sports fan or anything else, but nothing gets me more chapped than the willful spreading of bogus rumors. And to see it done on a national level all over the world in a matter of hours is completely inexcusable. A lawsuit or two may very well be in order.

Something resembling the actual facts of the story can be found here. And yes, there's more to the story too. Apparently Owens said "yes" to some fairly pointed questions while in a very groggy state, so who knows? Maybe it was just an unfortunate series of events. Very unfortunate, though... In the end I'm just glad he's okay.

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