Saturday, August 19, 2006

No time to blog lately. One or two review columns I promised will simply never materialize. Sorry. Thank you to everyone who has sent me promos in the last two months; you know who you are. That new Clear Spots 2CD joint is fuckin slammin'. And "Radish on Light" by Warmer Milks is the best rock album of the year. STRAIGHT UP KENTUCKY SICKNESS!

I just want to say Denton, TX seems to matter again. The House of Tinnitus is a cool small place to see a show. It has a spacious living room that doubles as a performance area and totally tolerant neighbors (at least for now). Even the cops seem pretty down. Warmer Milks inaugurated the joint, and last Friday I caught Cry Blood Apache (snotty Suicide-al electro punk), The Night Game Cult (pretty boy karaoke singalong synth pop), Tinnitus (wailing piano/guitar/guitar noise skree evisceration) and Andrew Michael - Sparrow Hawk (two guys from You Are the Universe doing duo guitar drone/noise stuff; they gave me a CD-R--thanks, fellas!), and all were very intense and entertaining and, dare I say, real. The people I've met there have all been inspiring and real too. Fuck the scene/let's make a scene!

Ethereal Planes Indian is playing there in October among lotsa others. Check out The House of Tinnitus, bros and bras!

Oh yeah, Brad...sorry dude. When I win the TX Lotto I'm going to make that Digitalis order I've been promising. Amazing list of new goodies available over there. Peter Wright, Lost Domain, Seht, Fathmount, etc....the friggin "Wailing Bones" series is up to #8! Holy shite! Check out their sale too! Allright, I'm out. Stay cool all you forest punks.

np: Enslaved "Ruun" from Ruun (yesssssssssss)

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