Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Driving around earlier with a friend listening to some kind of ultimate badass super mix, consisting of Eminem, Townes, Neutral Milk Hotel, Missippi Juhn Hurt--left me wondering why doesn't Jeff Mangum retool NMH and hit the nostalgia circuit, if not actually release a followup to "Aeroplane"? I don't care if it's half-assed. Just play some shows! He's been spotted on stage in the last year or two doing the damaged sideman bit with the Olivia Tremor Control. His absence leaves a fairly gaping hole in the pop cultural landscape today. What I loved most about NMH was the sound--grungy, gritty, full body fuzz drenched acid jugband pop that always sounded messed up, even during the most anthemic moments.

Going to see the Akron / Family tonight (one band doing its part to fill the void), and this newfangled Young God signing, Mi and L'au (impossibly beautiful people playing impossibly beautiful music). Shearwater (not the Chicago band, rather an Okkerville River side thing) goes on first. Should be boogielicious. First gig of the new year.

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