Monday, January 09, 2006

Bad news from the alma mater:


the short version --

fire BAAAD!

91.7fm GOOD!

every dollar helps

so does your time: 512-472-1369

and showing your support at upcoming benefit shows

longer version --

Some drunken asshole fell asleep while sucking a cancer stick and burnt up the bottom floor of the building housing KOOP's studios. The music library is covered in ash, and it's unclear how badly studio equipment was damaged. They will probably have to move.

KOOP is Austin's community-run, listener-supported radio station during the day on 91.7fm.

I can't say enough about the unique and valuable programming they do. I used to be addicted to a music show that came on Tuesday evenings and was run by a guy who patched his laptop into the soundboard, fed samples of pop music into a multitracking software and looped them in real time to basically create live, improvised mashups. It sounded fricken amazing.

KOOP is also -the- Austin outlet for progressive and minority voices on air, with programming that just isn't done on any other local station.

Two other music shows close to my heart, Ear Candy and Commercial Suicide have been hosted by a rotating cast of players for-freakin-ever, and they both mine the best gems from the obscurist corners of their respective genres ... have no words for how great they are. I've discovered so much music through them.

It's going to be a profound loss to Austin if KOOP can't get back on its feet.

feel free to repost.

upcoming benefits

Sunday Jan 15, a KOOP HoeDown at Shoal Creek Saloon, located at 909 North Lamar. Featuring the Grassy Knoll Boys and Double Eagle String Band. Music starts at 4pm. $5 cover to support KOOP's studio equipment fund. Plus, your donation will be matched by one of our very generous supporters!

Friday February 10, KOOP's Artic Blast at Beerland, located at 711 Red River. Featuring music from The Ugly Beats and The Nervous Exits and KOOP's own Jennifer (Ear Candy) and Scott (Stronger than Dirt) will be DJing.

Thursday February 23, The Sinus Show, with KOOP's own John Erler (Elk Mating Ritual) at Alamo South Lamar.

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