Sunday, January 02, 2005

25 Birds of Flight in 2004...

Close calls come in the form of Einsturzende Neubauten's "Perpetuum Mobile" (Mute), Brian Wilson's "Smile" (Nonesuch), Espers' "S/T" (Locust), Animal Collective's "Sung Tongs" (Fatcat), Up-Tight's "Five Psychedelic Pieces" (Static), Miminokoto's "3" (Siwa), Oneida's "Secret Wars" (Jagjaguwar) Gravenhurst's "Flashlight Seasons" (Warp) and plenty more. I liked that last Acid Mothers disk too, but like these more:

25. Ths Misunderstood "Lost Acetates" (Ugly Things)
24. Bardo Pond + Tom Carter “4/23/03” (Three Lobed)
23. Fennesz “Venice” (Touch)
22. Cul de Sac/Damo Suzuki “Abhayamudra” (Strange Attractors)
21. LSD-March “Kanashimino Bishoyunen” (HP Cycle)
20. Joanna Newsom “The Milk-Eyed Mender” (Drag City)
19. urDog “Garden of Bones” (Secret Eye)
18. Black Forest/Black Sea “Radiant Symmetry” (Last Visible Dog)
17. Hush Arbors “Since We Have Fallen” (Foxglove)
16. Birchville Cat Motel & Bruce Russell “S/T” (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
15. Grimble Grumble “Leaves Leader” (Pehr)
14. David Kilgour “Frozen Orange” (Merge)
13. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds “Abbatoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus” (Mute)
12. The Ivytree “Winged Leaves” (Catsup Plate)
11. Thuja/My Cat is an Alien “From the Earth to the Spheres” Vol. 2 (Very Friendly/Cargo)
10. Ghost "Hypnotic Underworld" (Drag City)
9. Comets on Fire "Blue Cathedral" (Sub Pop)
8. Marissa Nadler “Ballads of Living and Dying” (Eclipse)
7. Kemialliset Ystävät “Alkuhärkä” (Fonal)
6. Charalambides “Joy Shapes” (Kranky)
5. P.G. Six “The Well of Memory” (Amish)
4. Nagisa Ni Te “The Same as a Flower (Jagjaguwar)
3. Devendra Banhart "Rejoicing in the Hands" (Young God)
2. Tower Recordings “The Galaxies Incredibly Sensual Transmission Field of…” (Communion)
1. Nick Castro “Spy in the House of God” (Records of Gauhd)


5. Tie: Pavement “Crooked Rain Crooked Rain” (Matador)/ Guided By Voices “Bee Thousand” (Matador)/ Eno "Here Come the Warm Jets"/"Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)"/"Another Green World"(Warp), Virgin Prunes “If I Die I Die” (Mute)/ Vashti Bunyan "Just Another Diamond Day" (Dechristina Stair)/ Tom Carter "Monument" (Kranky)/ Hala Strana "Fielding" (Last Visible Dog)
4. Current 93 “Halo” (Durtro/Jnana)
3. Six Organs of Admittance “The Manifestation” (Strange Attractors)
2. Homestead and Wolfe “Our Times” (Anopheles Records)
1. Simon Finn “Pass the Distance” (Durtro)


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