Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The Day After Yesterday

Last night I found myself in the path of a tornado, and I wish I could type more, but my fingers have since webbed together into these nasty malformed stump mittens.

It was hairy, people.

At one point a friend came running in from outside yelling "HOLY SHIT!" as he grabbed the nearest mattress and then herded us all into the bathroom, only to dash back out to get the weed and bong, in case we were stranded for any kind of long term. He swore he saw a funnel cloud just left of the house, we were sure the end was like, upon us, dude.

The electricity went out repeatedly, and it was so creepy when it popped back on just as an announcer said over a loud buzz on the TV: "People in the Arlington and Mansfield areas need to take cover immediately!" and there we were, nestled right on the Arlington/Mansfield border, wondering if a tornado really does sound like Godzilla's roar when it's upon you.

What's worse, every time the power went out, I had this odd habit of jumping up to my feet, shouting "I got the FEAR!" and disappearing into the guest bedroom. But...The storm passed some 40 mins later, and I breath still, albeit with an ever cautious tremor.

On the bright side, the drive home was a truly mystical experience with massive lightning webs flickering across every corner of the night sky as I rocked it old-school to Joy Division's "Substance". I love that shit.

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