Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just in from Chris Scofield over at Strange Attractors, this looks pretty amazing:

Hi everyone –

I now have some trailers available for the forthcoming Jack Rose and Glenn Jones The Things That We Used to Do DVD.  And I am sharing with you folks first.

I’ve posted the little “teaser” trailer here:

Soon, I will be posting a more in-depth trailer, clocking in around six and a half minutes.  But this is intended to get a quick taste out there, and also to spread around in a much smaller, more convenient package.

Complete info about the DVD project can be found here:


Of further note, here's an excellent article from Magnet, written by the one and only Bill Meyer back in '07, centering around the current crop of eclectic/ethnic solo acoustic players, like Jack and Glenn above, and other personal heroes (James Blackshaw, Richard Bishop, etc), minus quite a few others, but still a damn fine roundup for those curious of the mysteries of 6-string shamanism and the modern day descendants of the amazing players heard on the Wayfaring Strangers comp, of which I waxed ecstatic a while back.      

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