Wednesday, December 02, 2009

LAST MINUTE weird country/free noise/deep drone gig
happening DEC 2 @ WASTED WORDS HOUSE. As in tomorrow (Wednesday)!
2404 S. Fielder, Arlington, TX 76015.

Semi-early show (from 8 - 11). BYO-whatever. Donations welcome.


Promises to be one of WW's more eclectic shows.

--Ohioan (

--Ah Holly Fam'ly (

--Welby (

--Wu Fru De Lu (

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P.Somniferum said... you know, I'd definitely like to attend this gig. Perhaps if I could meet you somewhere in Dallas and we could go together and come back and pick up the car afterward. I'll talk with Pam a little later to see if this is feasible.

Would love to hang out with you, with all that's happened. 'nuf sed.