Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2008 wasn't so bad. As the rest of the world seemed to be falling apart I felt like I was figuring some things out. Basically, I've learned to be more thankful for what gifts I have and forgive myself more for whatever may be missing. Don't get me wrong. Still have work to do, but a little understanding tends to go a long way. And I feel like I'm finally coming to understand my place in this big ol' chaos-sphere.

Welcome to your new home, Prez Obama and family. Welcome to the future, everyone.

Also, in 2008 I rekindled my love for The Doors. When you finally get past all your preconceptions and the spectacle that is Jim Morrison, you're left with one of the most unique and powerful bands in rock history. I highly recommend viewing the concert film, The Doors: Live in Europe, for undeniable proof of said claim.

When the music's over...
Turn out the lights.
Turn out the lights.
Turn out the lights.

It ain't over. '08 kept me spellbound and fascinated more than usual...

18 in '08

1. La Otracina Gardens of Blackness (Digitalis) CS
2. The Dead C The Secret Earth (Ba Da Bing!) CD
3. Ulaan Khol II (Soft Abuse) CD
4. Earth The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull (Southern Lord) CD
5. Warmer Milks Soft Walks (Animal Disguise) CD
6. Zanzibar Snails Vanadium Dream (Phantom Limb) CD-R
7. Renderizors Submarine (Last Visible Dog) CD
8. Robedoor and Husere Grav Split (Not Not Fun) CS
9. Sic Alps Long Way Around to a Shortcut (Animal Disguise) CD
10. Tatsuya Nakatani Primal Communication (H & H) CD
11. Jack Rose Dr. Ragtime and his Pals + Self Titled (Archive) CD
12. Alan and Richard Bishop Present: The Brothers Unconnected (Abduction) CD
13. Steel Hook Prostheses Atrocisizor (Malignant) CD
14. Orange In the Midst of Chaos CD (De Stijl)
15. Religious Knives The Door (Ecstatic Peace) CD
16. Leviathan Massive Conspiracy Against All Life (Moribund) CD
17. Current 93 Birth Canal Blues (Durtro Jnana) CD
18. D & N D & N (Mayyrh) 3" CD-R

Most memorable live events:

1. Alan and Richard Bishop (along with the spirit and ashes of Charles Gocher) at The Granada in Dallas, TX. Sorry for the bad directions, guys.

2. Sapat at Terrastock 7 at the Melwood Arts Center in Louisville, KY.

3. Tatsuya Nakatani solo and with members of Yells at Eels (Stefan and Aaron Gonzalez + others) at Kettle Art in Dallas, TX.

4. MV & EE and the Golden Road on the third stage at Terrastock 7.

5. Zanzibar Snails at Melodica 2008, Dallas, TX.

Most memorable event overall: You decide.

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