Sunday, August 12, 2007

And then there was this...

Product Description (via Amazon)

Among the extras included in this collector’s box is previously unseen footage, a feature on the restoration process, an exclusive interview with Jodorowsky, optional director commentary tracks, subtitles, two special CDs of the films’ soundtracks and a separate DVD of the first film ever made by Jodorowsky, La Cravate.

-Original theatrical trailer- English V.O.
-2006 on camera interview with Jodorowsky (Language English/English subtitles)
-Photo Gallery/Original script excerpts
-Exclusive interview with Alejandro Jodorowsky

- Deleted scenes with director commentary (Language: Spanish with optional EN, SP, FR & BR PORT subtitles)
- Original theatrical trailer -English V.O
- The Tarot short with director commentary (Language: Spanish with optional EN, SP, FR & BR PORT subtitles)
- Restoration process short (Original Language English)
- Photo Gallery / Original Script excerpts
- Restoration Credits

-La Constellation Jodorowsky documentary
-Original language French and English Stereo

- El Topo soundtrack
- The Holy Mountain soundtrack

---> Says I: Incredible! Had this a few months now, and the print quality of everything, especially "Holy Mountain" and "El Topo," is stunning. My old bootlegs are permanent coasters. Essential stuff for all weirdnicks who live from the other side of the mirror. The two soundtracks are amazing as well.

Here's an interesting little interview with Yoko Ono, where she discusses her and John Lennon's appreciation for "El Topo."

And this...

Fabulous 2-DVD SPECIAL EDITION (or something)

Official street date on this thing is August 14th. No idea how it will play on smaller screens, but in the theater it made for one of the most singular film experiences of my life, no exaggeration. Truly disturbing and darkly hypnotic every step up that rickety surrealist staircase.

What else?

I loved RESCUE DAWN. Christian Bale, Steve Zahn and Jeremy Davies (channeling a shell-shocked Charles Manson) deliver the performances of their careers. Even more fascinating though is here is a movie, made by a German currently residing in Los Angeles, about a German who considers himself an American through and through, and the guy--Dieter Dengler--just happens to embody all that is good about AMOREICA! What kind of asshole makes an apolitical Vietnam war movie that in the end somehow manages to be pro-American and pro-immigration during "the darkest chapter" (I mean NOW not THEN) in American history? An unpredictable one. We need more Werner Herzogs in this country.

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