Friday, June 08, 2007

And shit just keeps gettin' weirder...

It's kind of sad that this Paris Hilton case is like this year's OJ trial. In case you haven't heard (and I know you have five times today already), Pari' was forced through sobs to return to prison and serve out her full term of, what, three weeks? So laugh it up, silly boys 'n' girls. Here's your chance to suck on the yolk of one young woman's misery, no matter how fleeting. I hope this doesn't hurt sales of her album. It's actually pretty good.

In other news, welcome back, Arthur! We never knew you left! Nah, it's true that the already legendary weird-ass counter-culture mag was almost down for the count at the start of the year, but co-owner Jay Babcock swooped in, along with some other brave investor souls, to resurrect what is hands down the finest wide circulation art/news rag in the US today.

Also clipped from the latest Arthur email update is the Realist Online Archive Project, which will eventually contain all 146 issues of Paul Krassner's classic Yippie-satire-fest from the Vietnam era. Lotta familiar names on a cursory glance. Should be fun reading for the whole family, but don't tell yr Nixon lovin' grandpaw!

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