Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year, YOU. Let's all--that is you and I--do our part in getting some things right in '07, mmkay? After all, TIME MAGAZINE chose YOU as person of the year in '06. So it's all up to YOU and maybe me to LET LOVE RULE as Lenny Kravitz would say. Seriously. Let it.

Right on... So I haven't seen a lot of the big Oscar contender movies this year. Ya know, the "the..." movies: The Departed, The Illusionist, The Fountain, The Good Sheppard The Scarlet's Web--lame I know. I'll see what I can do about that in the coming days. Did like Jackass #2, for what it's worth.

I'm most anticipating lately Pan's Labyrinth, a dark fairytale that should be one of the more unique things to come down the old celluloid shoot in some time. Director Guillermo Del Toro really impressed a few years back with his somewhat similar The Devil's Backbone.

Otherwise, as amazing and memorable and disturbing and all else it was, I'm just glad 2006 is over. Glad I made if through in one piece. Foxy Digitalis is back in full-swingin' mode and lookin' great. Totally dig that new layout, peeps! There's even some rumbles on the ether 'bout a big ol' festival (or two) happening somewhere soon. Should be just swell.

Also got some fresh material and an updated look happening over at Deep Water Acres. And I finally got together another Bones from the Garden column which might be of interest to a few. There are some more goodies in the pipeline too, including what should be a broadly canvassed '06 wrap-up that might inspire more than a few early '07 impulse buys.

What else? Not sure if I saw one live show in the month of December (Psychic Paramount maybe?), but there's much goodness heading here soon, including JESU and Nordic Viking Metal Gods, ENSLAVED! Can you imagine my fat hippie ass at a black metal show? Prog black metal...whatever. But in all seriousness, I'm very intimidating these days. Thank you to all my friends near and far who made '06 a little bit more tolerable and a lot more memorable. Peace and love to you all.

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