Monday, October 04, 2004

I watched a movie as I fell off last night called Rules of Attraction. James Vanderchin (yes, Dawson) plays Sean Batemen, younger brother to Patrick Bateman (the American Psycho himself!). It's yet another one of them movies about kids in college being assholes, rich assholes, unloved, sad, fucked, pimps, drug dealers and mack daddys. This one is quite good though. All the beautiful young folks just can't stop touching themselves, and that of course turns me on. I didn't like American Psycho, but this surpasses the expected guilty pleasure status.

Espers were incredibly haunting in Ft. Worth two nights ago, playing for an audience of three or so, and a handful of confused/fascinated "emo kids". It was sort of like a night off for the band, as they didn't have to concentrate so much on hitting marks or "blowing us away," plus a bit of a grand experiment. Always fun to watch people's reactions for the first time to this kind of music. Espers just relaxed and let the dark light shine through. ISB did not play--being a folk rock legend lends one some room to quibble. Espers are very nice, well behaved people for making such creepy/beautiful acid folk music. Get their album as soon as possible if you want to hear some of the most resonant dream folk released in '04. Over and out.

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